1. Delivery of rehabilitation services suitable to the socio-cultural background of the North East Region.

2. Training and Man-power development for providing services to the PWD’s ( Person with Disabilities ).

3. Serve as resource centre for rehabilitation and special education of persons with disabilities.

4. Training the rehabilitation professionals, village level workers, multi rehabilitation workers and other functionaries in Govt. and Non-Govt. sectors.

5. Undertake the research and development with specific reference to the needs of diverse groups of people with disabilities in the North East Region.

6. Undertake designing, fabrication and fitment of aid and appliances for persons with disabilities. 

7. To undertake public education programme for creation of awareness in community.

8. To establish linkages with existing medical, educational and employment services (for identification, assessment and service provision).

9. To stimulate growth of service by encouraging and supporting organizations, parents group and self help groups.

10. To undertake human resources development.